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Project Steps  

TEN PEOPLE TALKING handles all – or just specific elements – of your project, depending on what best meets clients’ needs.

Services range from complete project design and management to moderation services only.

Typical project steps:

  • Client planning meeting
  • Project design
  • Project Management
  • Recruiting screener design
  • Discussion guide design
  • Moderating/interviewing
  • Reporting with recommendations

Client planning meeting
At project initiation, TEN PEOPLE TALKING takes time to understand the business issues and clarify the research questions that must be answered. Successful projects begin with clearly-defined research objectives.

Project design
A variety of qualitative methods and approaches can be used. The project is custom-designed based on the research objectives, timing, budget and market realities.

Project management
From initiation to completion, projects are managed for success. Focus group facilities are selected at the most strategic locations. Regular communications regarding the recruiting and project status are provided at a desired frequency.

Recruiting screener design
A critical step in a focus group project is creating a profile of the ideal focus group respondent. Based on the profile, a recruiting screener is designed for screening qualified participants.

Discussion guide design
With client input, a focus group discussion guide or interview guide is designed to address the research objectives. When appropriate, various tools and exercises are incorporated into the guide to maximize insights.

A great moderator makes moderating look easy, but it is in fact a complex process. While keeping in mind the client’s objectives, the moderator is establishing rapport, engaging participants, and maximizing the discussion to obtain the desired insights.

Reporting with recommendations
What do the results mean? After 4, 8, 16 hours or more of focus groups, key themes and findings emerge and unfold. The final step is analyzing and reporting the results, along with implications and recommendations. Results are tied back to the original research objectives. Report formats, ranging from brief top line reports to comprehensive PowerPoint reports, are tailored to meet clients’ needs.

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