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TEN PEOPLE TALKING has conducted numerous healthcare-related qualitative research studies, has a pulse on current healthcare industry trends, and understands the unique language of healthcare. This industry experience and knowledge is of great value to many of our healthcare clients.

Healthcare qualitative work focuses on a variety of customer segments including consumers, patients, health plan members, employees, employers, executives, physicians and brokers.

Examples of services tailored for healthcare organizations:

  • Health plan selection
  • Health plan product design
  • Healthcare online services
  • Member and patient satisfaction
  • Physician research

Health plan selection
Health plans want to understand what factors are driving health plan selection in today’s marketplace. Focus groups conducted with members, non-members, employers and brokers uncover the factors and motivations behind health plan preference, selection, and recommendation.

Health plan product design
Consumerism and legislative changes are creating opportunities for new product designs. Healthcare organizations are exploring new product concepts with consumers, employers and brokers to test ideas for new products including consumer-driven health plans, HSA plans, Medicare plans, and more.

Healthcare online services
Healthcare organizations are increasing opportunities for website interactions. Health plans are offering claims statements and customer service online, while hospitals are offering nurse-advice services online. Healthcare organizations are conducting qualitative research to refine their sites for increased usability and enhanced online experiences.

Member and patient satisfaction
Healthcare organizations want to know why they are or are not meeting the needs of all their customer segments. Focus groups are used to understand low and high satisfaction scores, to obtain suggestions for improving areas of dissatisfaction, and to uncover keys to building loyalty.

Physician research
Health plans, health systems, and pharmaceutical and medical supply companies all need to stay in touch with physicians about issues related to their products, brand and organization. Qualitative research with physicians is conducted on topics including satisfaction, referral patterns, disease management, advertising, branding, product development and idea generation.

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