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Clients come to TEN PEOPLE TALKING with a variety of qualitative research needs. While every project is custom-designed, the most frequent qualitative research services provided focus on advertising, branding, satisfaction and/or new product issues.

Although TEN PEOPLE TALKING does qualitative work in a variety of industries, healthcare is an area of specialization.


  • Ad/Communications testing
  • Branding/Positioning research
  • Concept testing/New product development
  • Customer satisfaction/Loyalty
  • Website testing
  • Custom quantitative studies
  • Healthcare specialization

Ad/Communications testing
Focus groups can be used to develop or test various communications materials. The objective may be to learn what messages communicate, which messages resonate and whether the communications are consistent with the brand. Communications testing is also often used as a disaster check to be certain something unintentional is not being communicated.

Branding/positioning research
Organizations need to know how key audiences view their brand and position. Focus groups can uncover perceptions and feelings toward an organization’s brand. A unique position then can be developed to connect with current and potential customers.

Concept testing/New product development
Consumers can help shape the direction of a new product or idea. That is why obtaining consumer reactions to new concepts, products or services is critical. Based upon these reactions, an organization can determine which ideas have the greatest potential for success and which should be reconsidered or eliminated.

Customer satisfaction/Loyalty
Each customer interaction and “touch point” is an opportunity for an organization to satisfy and build relationships with customers. Focus groups can explore how consumers feel about their experiences and uncover areas of satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Research can be conducted with loyal segments to uncover the emotional connections these customers have with a brand.

Website testing
When designing a new site or expanding an existing one, it is critical to test the site with potential visitors. Focus groups and in-depth interviews can be used to test the usability, comprehension, relevance and consistency with the overall brand.

Custom qualitative studies
Most qualitative projects are custom-designed to address a specific business issue or research question. Qualitative research is often used to shape the direction of quantitative research studies and to explore and shed light on quantitative findings and results.

Healthcare specialization

TEN PEOPLE TALKING has conducted numerous healthcare-related qualitative research studies, has a pulse on current healthcare industry trends, and understands the unique language of healthcare. This industry experience and knowledge is of great value to many of our healthcare clients. See the Healthcare page for more details.

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